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I think this is where I am supposed to share all of my great accomplishments, education, and the numerous impacts I've made in the lives of many, so that you will become one of my clients. I will politely decline. It is not that I don't desire to work with you, but in order for this partnership to begin you need the truth about me. 

The path that I have taken to get to this point has been rocky but rewarding and I spent a great portion of my life just making "it" work.  I have had failures, survived depression all while pursuing education, raising two children, divorce, heartbreak, loss, poverty, and working two jobs all while choosing to believe that God has better for me, just to get here. Here, a place where I am determined to become a partner in your journey to see you change your life. 

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Spiritual Health


Transformative Thinking


Self & Emotional Awareness


Healthy  Relationships


Career Development

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The Journey Towards An Abundant Life Begins With A Strong Desire to Change.

"In the short time I've been seeing Keya, she has helped me change my mindset entirely. I have begun to change my life. I am eternally grateful."

- Morgan N.

“I have been in and out of therapy for years and never had the breakthroughs like I have had with Keya. She is honest and always give me a way to think and approach the situations in my life."

- Gail K.

“I only saw Keya three times.  Within a short time I was able confront my fears and truly begin to see change in marriage.”

- Dexter J.


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