Meet Keya

Professional Coach, Consultant & Inspirational Speaker

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Welcome! This is an exciting time in my life, because you are considering me to become a part of you team. As a member of your team I am dedicated to seeing you WIN and being a part of your journey. It is my passion and purpose to help people in a number of ways.

In working with individuals I get to now you and your desires and make sure that I am the right person for your team. I specialize in self and emotional awareness to bring healing and restoration in the areas of hurt and disappointment.

My work with couples is centered and aimed at transforming the relationship using biblical principles as a guide. The purpose is to insure that couples live out their marriage as one so the house is not divided and it can stand the tests of time.  I offer premarital counseling to prepare those who are courting or engaged for the covenant of marriage.

If you are seeking help in leveling up in your career. i provide the necessary supports to properly interview and the art of negotiation for salary requirements. I lean into building confidence and knowing your worth and identifying your assets.

Spiritually, I am Christian and rely heavily on my faith. I am prayerful, and I study the Word of God faithfully. I will help you navigate your relationship with God and improve your connection to Him. I trust Him with all that I am and I desire the same for you.

As an inspirational speaker I am diverse to a number of topics that are informative and life changing. I specialize in topics related to education, trauma, relationships to include family dynamics, mental health, racial bias and many others.

I desire to work with you if you are ready to change your life and do the work necessary. No excuses. You will want to work with me if you are ready for truth, support and my optimistic and encouraging spirit. I provide perspective. I am reflective and will ask intentional questions. I will not waste your time or money. You should also know that I am patient and have great listening skills. I lean into my values of integrity, excellence, accountability, equity and collaboration, when working and that is consistent in any of the capacities that I fill.

Allow me to walk with you during this time and encourage you to reach your goals of having a fruitful, peaceful, joyous and abundant life.


Shakiya "Keya" Steward, MA, MFT



"Transformational change disrupts the norm, it's uncomfortable."