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"We are interconnected beings of mind, spirit, heart and body. Each domain affects the other and can influence the outcomes of our relationships and success."
"Use your gifts in your job, so doors can open towards your career."


Spiritual health is the crux between what we experience and what we choose to believe. It is a means to connect to something bigger than our self and in most cases it is God. It is where we find peace and our center as we experience life but still have hope that things will get better. It is how we determine our purpose in life and how we will fulfill it.  Allow me to walk through this journey with you as you seek to strengthen and restore your hope and faith in God. 



Who are you? No, seriously can you answer that question in definitive terms. What are your values and beliefs. Do you know your abilities, insecurities, and opportunities for  growth? It's okay. We all have been in the place where we question who we are, our heritage, how we feel, and who we desire to be in life.  Our life experiences and society have determined who we are or should be, but it is time for every individual to determine for themselves that, I am... Discover you and build your esteem and confidence with my help.



Yes, I seriously want you to talk about your feelings? I want you to understand how you feel so you are nor so angry, unforgiving and just plain mean. Seriously, if we understand how we feel and the words to describe those feeling we can properly respond versus react to them. We can demonstrate emotional self control as well as rational in the most emotionally charged times in our life. Come on so let's talk about our feelings, it's okay to be okay.



Keya enjoys speaking to all types of groups and causes. She specializes in speaking to women, girls, students, teachers and any church groups. Her topics topics range from women's issues, tenn pregnancy, mental health, poverty, parenting, social and racial trauma, school culture and climate as well as family and relationships and most importantly God. She is a dynamic and passionate speaker who provides insight and offers perspective on a variety of topics. Schedule a consult so she can determine if she can meet your speaking needs.



The battle of the mind is a great one. This is where our perspective is often changed into negative thoughts because of how we feel and think. Our mind has great strength and impacts our emotions, critical thinking and even our physical and mental health. We have the power to reconstruct how we think by recognizing the truth and choosing not to believe the lies created by bad life experiences and the opinions of others. Let me help you diminish the effects of "stinking thinking" and work towards a healthier mindset. 



Healthy relationships don't begin in adulthood they actually should begin in our formative years as children within our family. This is where we should have the support of family and models of intimate partnerships. Although, this has changed greatly, It's not too late to have the relationships of our dreams with our spouses, children, extended family, friends and coworkers. Lets explore where we could improve together, so we can work together as a cohesive, supportive, loving unit.



Still trying to figure out who you want to be when you grow up? Are you trying to start on a new career path, or a recent college graduate? Well guess what, we all have been in this place a time or two. We have to improve upon our interviewing skills, recreate resumes to make ourselves more attractive for the job. Well what are you waiting for let's do it! We can work together to build the necessary skills in interviewing and create a resume that will get you the call to a start you deserve.

Keya is ready to partner with you. Your time for transformation is now! Schedule a consult today. 
"Let's respond versus react to our emotions. Demonstrating  
self control and good emotional health."